SCY's mission is to build capacity among stakeholders to connect, collaborate and mobilize around a public health approach to violence prevention—adopting consistent messaging about the preventability of violence, promoting use of evidence-based violence prevention strategies and fostering multi-sector collaboration—encouraging partnerships that strengthen existing efforts and benefit the children of Chicago.

To support this mission and prevent violence, SCY takes and encourages action around five focus areas through four main strategies:


  • Sustained investment in children and youth
  • Equitable access to high quality mental health services
  • Common sense approaches to gun violence prevention
  • Juvenile justice system that reflects what we know about adolescent development
  • Sustained investment in strong communities

Learn more about SCY's Focus on Five.


  • Coordinate efforts around the SCY policy agenda
  • Facilitate sharing of knowledge among and provide technical assistance and training to community organizations
  • Encourage conversations about the preventability of violence and how every individual and organization can play a role
  • Foster connections between community organizations and researchers

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