Over the course of the Violence Data Landscape (VDL) project, SCY worked to engage interested individuals and organizations in the VDL work and continued to foster the learning environment established during the VDL’s formative phase. In that phase, four broad categories of data users were identified: researchers, agencies, media and the public. To understand these data users and their needs, staff conducted semi-structured interviews with 2-3 key informants from each of these categories.

SCY also led a review of the opportunities provided or limitations imposed by stakeholders beyond the groups involved in the VDL, with a particular focus on how data sharing is affected by federal requirements for the protection of data. Staff reviewed definitions of “violence data” used in various contexts and facilitated a process by which the core group would determine a definition of “violence data” that is most relevant to the VDL project. SCY then compiled a catalog of violence-related data systems in Illinois and developed brief descriptions of the systems, along with tips on how to access the data.

The VDL site has been created to share the catalog of violence data systems. Availability of these resources will be promoted through the list of VDL stakeholders, the relevant Lurie Children’s networks (Illinois Violent Death Reporting System, SCY, and Child Health Data Lab), and other networks suggested by the core group.